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Japan Airlines to Trial Touchless Check-in Kiosks at Tokyo Haneda Airport

Japan Airlines' Touchless Check-in Kiosks
Japan Airlines' Touchless Check-in Kiosks | Image courtesy of Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced the decision to trial new touchless technology at Tokyo`s Haneda Airport.

General Information
Location: Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal 1 South Wing (Departure Level – Counter 18)
Number of Touchless Kiosks: Two
Developer: Mitsubishi Electric and Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Trial Period: August 24~September 15, 2020

Details on Kiosk System
The new kiosks will be equipped with state-of-the-art touchless sensors, which allow customers to complete the check-in process without actually touching the screen. Through the use of infrared technology, customers will be able to make their selections by holding their finger 3 centimetres away from the check-in system.

JAL will continue to embrace new technology to provide customers with a safe and secure travel experience.

Japan Airlies' Touchless Check-in Kiosks
Japan Airlies’ Touchless Check-in Kiosks | Image courtesy of Japan Airlines


Source:Japan Airlines

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