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JAL Air Mobility Operation Academy (JAMOA) Launches October 2020

JAMOA Class | Image courtesy of Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) today announced that the carrier will launch a drone operator training program called JAL Air Mobility Operation Academy (JAMOA), starting October 5. The program aims to train and educate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots and is the first known program in Japan to offer the same flight knowledge taught to actual pilots of a commercial airline.

Program Schedule
Starts October 5 (scheduled once each month)
Applications are now being accepted

Please refer to the following URL for details and pricing information (Available in Japanese Language):

Approximately 10 trainees accepted per program
Subject to classroom size and course/program

The development of drone-led businesses is expected to accelerate in Japan post COVID-19. Therefore, JAMOA aims to promote technically skilled UAV pilots to operate drones safely in Japan.

JAMOA will offer three courses, which includes a program to hone technical skills, a non-technical program to improve cognitive and judgement skills, and a program to advance a UAV pilot`s communication skills.

JAMOA | Image courtesy of Japan Airlines


JAMOA | Image courtesy of Japan Airlines

In recent years, JAL has continued to acquire knowledge in drone operations through sponsoring the Drone Pro-Pilot Skills and Technics Evaluation Committee and jointly studying the feasibility of drone-led services with partner companies. (see release here)

Through this action, JAL aims to develop a new type of service in the air transportation industry, utilizing UAV technology. In order to establish a solid foundation for drone-led businesses, the carrier looks to offer operational and human resource knowledge to a new generation of UAV pilots.

Source: Japan Airlines

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