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Here’s How You Can Support Delta’s Breast Cancer Research Fundraising Efforts Safely This Year

Here’s how you can support Delta’s breast cancer research fundraising efforts safely this year
Here’s how you can support Delta’s breast cancer research fundraising efforts safely this year | Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Every October, Delta raises money to support research projects through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Since the start of our partnership in 2005, Delta has raised over $19M and funded 76 research projects. This year, the events and initiatives look different as the company works to support BCRF while navigating a pandemic.

Delta has adapted the BCRF fundraising annual initiatives this year to adhere to safety guidelines set by our medical partners. Some ways you can support Delta’s BCRF fundraising efforts this year include:

On Board: Customers and employees can support this year’s BCRF fundraising efforts on board with two new safe processes. First, customers can donate by sliding cash or gift cards into a plastic bag provided by the cabin crew that will later be collected by flight attendants wearing gloves. To maximize fundraising potential, Delta accepts cash, most major foreign currencies and gift cards for onboard donations.

If you prefer a touchless experience, a QR code will be included in the Delta-provided kit with snacks and water for the flight on flights that are greater than 250 miles. By scanning this QR code, customers can use a card to donate to BCRF.

Online: Available year-round, customers and employees can donate to this year’s BCRF fundraising efforts on and through SkyWish, the charitable arm of Delta’s SkyMiles and frequent flyer program, which allows Delta and its SkyMiles members to donate miles to charitable organizations worldwide.

This year the Pink Boutique is once again virtual and customers can purchase discounted co-branded Delta and BCRF merchandise, including a BCRF/Delta mask, through the online store. Proceeds from purchases on the Pink Boutique shop directly benefit BCRF.

Also, Delta employees able to create their own BCRF fundraising URL to share on their social media so their friends and family can donate to BCRF.

This is Delta’s 15th year supporting BCRF, a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. Founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. They invest in a wide range of research—from prevention to metastasis—because each area of investigation informs another, propelling us toward the solutions we urgently need.

Source: Delta Air Lines

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