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Giving the gift of time

Giving the gift of time
Giving the gift of time | Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Meet Mollie: Mollie is a 17-year-old student who has travelled back and forth between her home in Chattanooga, Tenn. and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of Delta’s community partners, for critical treatment over the last 27 months.

Mollie, who has a passion for aviation, is currently pursuing her private pilot’s license and was recently accepted into the Aeronautical Sciences program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with the goal to become a commercial pilot.

“Throughout my life, I have learned to view things from a bigger perspective, and the very idea of literally seeing the world from a larger perspective is exciting,” Mollie said. “I experience a peace in the air that is more soothing than any other place, and I find that reassuring.”

Impressed and inspired by Mollie’s story of perseverance through adversity, Miracle Flights and their partner Torgoen gifted her a watch specifically designed for pilots that she could give to an unsuspecting pilot following a flight to thank them for their part in her essential treatment.

On Wednesday, Delta pilot Captain Jim Leveille was greeted by Mollie after landing at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, where she surprised him with this special watch.  It was a memorable moment for both the young, ambitious pilot and the seasoned pilot – as they talked about her story, their passion for the skies and the important role airlines have played throughout the pandemic.  In return for Mollie’s kind gift and gratitude, she had the opportunity to visit the flight deck and experience a glimpse of her dream of being a pilot.

“It’s an honour to play a small part in Mollie’s story and to receive such a special gift from a promising future pilot,” says Captain Leveille. “Despite the challenges we have seen in 2020, Mollie’s story is a reminder of why travel remains essential, even during a pandemic.”

Andi, Mollie’s mom, added, “Thank you to everyone involved in helping make this happen today. It was important to us to let these pilots and other flight crew know how special they are to us and so many others who they transport each and every day.”

Source: Delta Air Lines

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