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Fully Automated Check-in Process for AeroMexico’s Custumers in Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam

AeroMexico Check-in Amsterdam
AeroMexico Check-in Amsterdam | Image courtesy of AeroMexico

Aeromexico customers will be able to use this service travelling through Schiphol airport, in the capital of the Netherlands

Aeromexico, in collaboration with the authorities of the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam, will be able to carry out the baggage documentation process through a self-service system, which will allow its customers to make their check-in faster and automatically.

This system can be used by all passengers taking flights operated by Aeromexico from Amsterdam to or in connection through Mexico City, with the 10 self-service machines located inside the airport. In order to use this service, passengers must check-in online, at the kiosks inside the airport or in Aeromexico’s mobile app.

Among the most outstanding advantages of this new process are a shorter queuing time at the airport, double availability of counters for passengers, as well as a safer process with less human contact.

“At Aeromexico we are committed to improving the travel experience for our customers. We are grateful to Schiphol Airport for allowing us to make use of this new system for the benefit of our customers and we are proud to be the first station in the airline’s network to provide a fully automated check-in process”, said Coen Wijma, Aeromexico’s Airport Manager in Amsterdam.

The airline will continue to apply the highest safety standards in all its operations, thanks to its Health and Sanitization Management System, to protect the health of its customers and collaborators throughout the trip. In addition, the airline is the only one in Mexico that carries out a baggage sanitation process upon arrival at its destination in all airports nationwide.

Currently, Aeromexico has 3 direct weekly flights from Amsterdam to Mexico City. The company also informed that it will continue to gradually reestablish its operations as market conditions and restrictions allow.

Source: AeroMexico

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