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Delta CEO discusses current state of the airline in CNN business interview

CEO of Delta Air Lines, Ed Bastian

As Delta continues to transform travel industry standards for cleanliness and safety amid the global pandemic, Delta CEO Ed Bastian joined CNN’s Poppy Harlow to discuss the current state of the airline – detailing the measures being taken to protect employees and customers, including middle seat blocking, securing seat capacities, mandated mask-wearing and more.

Despite the long road ahead for recovery and the reality of the industry becoming much smaller in the post-pandemic world, Bastian shared the opportunity the company has to become a more resilient airline in the future.

“This will be the crisis that will define Delta. We have a real opportunity to get through this crisis as a more resilient airline,” he said. “I think resiliency is going to be something that is redefined across corporate America and our society – resiliency, both financially and with our health, as well as stability of our business practices and business models.”


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