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AeroMexico and Grupo Modelo Agreed on Alliance for the Health of Passengers

AeroMexico Embraer 190
AeroMexico Embraer 190 | Image courtesy of AeroMexico
  • The brewery will deliver almost 5 million sachets and more than 15 thousand bottles of hand sanitiser for clients and employees of Mexico’s global airline.
  • The gel is manufactured with material extracted from the Corona Cero brewing process

Grupo Aeromexico and Grupo Modelo joined efforts to protect customers and employees of Mexico’s global airline. The most important brewery in Mexico, with a worldwide presence, created hand sanitizer with the alcohol obtained from the Corona Cero beer brewing process. The product meets Mexican health standards and guarantees a 70 percent alcohol concentration.

Thanks to this commercial agreement, Grupo Modelo will deliver almost 5 million sachets and more than 15 thousand bottles of hand sanitizer that will be available to customers and employees of Grupo Aeromexico, both on the ground and onboard.

Both companies launched in Mexico the campaign “Si te cuidas tú, cuidas a México” to publicize this new collaboration.

Andres Conesa, CEO, Grupo Aeromexico pointed out: “The agreement with Grupo Modelo is a tangible example of creating alliances between companies that prioritize the safety of our clients and employees. We will continue to apply our Health and Sanitization Management System, which includes the best protocols and the advice of recognized health experts”.

For his part, Cassiano De Stefano, President of Grupo Modelo, stated: “Since its foundation 95 years ago, Grupo Modelo has sought to positively impact the communities where it operates. We celebrate this important alliance with Aeromexico that not only seeks to promote the health and safety of people in this extraordinary situation, but also to continue joining efforts with great allies to contribute to the economic recovery of Mexico”.

A recent study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed that one case of COVID19 has been recorded for every 2.7 million passengers on airplanes, demonstrating that modern aircraft technology and protocols such as those applied by Aeromexico are effective.

Aeromexico, with 86 years of history, and Grupo Modelo, 95 years after its foundation, are sustainable companies committed to the development of Mexico, caring for the environment, and participating in the communities where they operate. During the contingency, the brewery created the
#PorNuestroMéxico (For Our Mexico) movement, with which it seeks to contribute to the prevention and containment of the virus as well as mitigate its social and economic effects.

In the same manner, Aeromexico collaborated in cost and effort with the Mexican Government, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to transport almost 250 tons of essential medical supplies to Mexico.

Both companies reaffirm their commitment to take care of the health of their clients and employees.

Source: AeroMexico

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