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A Fully-Flexible Travel Experience with “Air France Protect”

A fully-flexible travel experience with “Air France Protect”
A fully-flexible travel experience with “Air France Protect” | Image courtesy of Air France
Air France is adapting its commercial policy and offering its customers fully-flexible tickets to help them prepare for their trip in complete confidence and to postpone or cancel their trip easily in the event of unforeseen circumstances –
  • If the customer wishes to cancel their trip, their ticket can be changed at no extra cost and without proof, on the date and to the destination* of their choice. If they prefer, they can request a refundable credit voucher. These measures apply to all trips up to 31 March 2021.
  • If the flight is cancelled by the airline, customers can choose to postpone their trip to the date and destination* of their choice, request a full ticket refund or receive a credit voucher, which is also refundable if not used.

Air France is monitoring the changing health situation worldwide on a daily basis and is committed to providing its customers optimum health and hygiene conditions at every stage of their trip.

Find out more about “Air France Protect”

*if the change of destination results in a change in price, only the fare difference will be applied.

Source: Air France

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